About Us

At Lusso, we love to say:

"We don't sell trends, we curate timeless fashion."

Our passion for searching tirelessly for stylish pieces is what has helped grow Lusso Borsetta slowly and steadily.

If you believe in timeless fashion instead of temporary trends, then welcome! 

Our goal is make every woman own a Lusso item that she considers her go-to statement piece in her wardrobe.

Our focus is not on aesthetics only but practicality as well. After all, what's the use of indulging in fashion if it only looks great but has no functional purpose?

And that's why we take great pride in curating classic yet fashion-forward pieces that will be loved by our customers for years to come.

We work with craftsmen across the globe to showcase unique designs that are not found on the high-street and many exclusive just to us.

Their fine-tuned skills and passion for their craft is evident in every piece they create which is why we have people eagerly come to us to find for gifts for family and friends.

We hope you can see the passion we have in our store for beautiful products and look forward to helping you find your statement piece!


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